Over 1,300 Clare Leavers Collecting Leaving Cert Results Today

Over 1,300 school-leavers across Clare are collecting their Leaving Cert results this morning.

They’re among over 56,000 pupils nationally who’ll be finding out the fate, following June’s exams, with five students across the country receiving top marks of 8 H1s.


A two-month wait is coming to an end this morning for thousands of Leaving Cert students across the country, with stacks of brown envelopes awaiting in schools.

A total of 1,274 pupils in Clare will be receiving their results today, 659 of them female and 615 male, and those figures also include mature students.

In addition, there are 78 picking up their Leaving Cert Applied results here.

The results are available in person from 9am and online from the earlier time of 10am.

In previous years, it was noon before students could access their results on the CAO website so it’s felt in some quarters that there could be less choosing to go to their schools for the results because of the new earlier online time.

From today, the waiting game begins again ahead of the first round of college offers on Thursday.