Lack Of European Funding For Moneypoint Would “Shut The Door” On West Clare

© Pat Flynn

There are warnings that the Irish government must push for funding to support workers affected by a scaling back of operations at Moneypoint, in order to ensure they don’t lose out.

It comes as the European Commission suggests more needs to be done to help the workers.


While it’s still five years until coal burning is due to cease at Moneypoint, the impact of an early winding up of operations there is already being felt.

Over 100 jobs at the plant went last year in a move that was voted on and accepted by staff. Around 100 more contractors were also affected.

This move comes as part of aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall in Ireland, but puts around 750 jobs in jeopardy according to a new European Commission report.

Green Party Ireland South MEP Grace O’Sullivan says funding to support the workers – a Just Transition Fund – must be made available to support West Clare.

The Just Transition Fund has already been used elsewhere in Europe, and also in the Midlands here in Ireland, to offset the impact of a fall in peat production.

This Fund supports a range of social interventions when economies are shifting to sustainable production, primarily avoiding climate change and protecting biodiversity.

Doonbeg businesswoman and Fianna Fáil representative Rita McInerney says unless the Irish government pushes for this to be rolled out for Moneypoint, trouble is on the horizon