Molex Confirms Plans To Close Shannon Plant With Expected Loss Of 500 Jobs

Molex has announced that it’s to close its Shannon plant next year, a move which will result in up to 500 job losses.

The news was confirmed by management in a meeting with staff this afternoon.

Molex is one of Shannon’s biggest employers, and has been operating there since 1971.

It currently employs around 500 staff, who now face uncertain futures.
The company says it’s adusting operations to align resources with demand, and to control costs.
Following a review of the products manufactured in Shannon, it’s decided to close the facility there by the end of next year, subject to an employee consultation process.
The closure is expected to take place in a series of phases, starting in early 2020.

The company says the decision is a difficult one, and in no way reflects on the Shannon employees, many of whom will have been left stunned by today’s news.

Statement by Ministers Humphreys and Breen on the announcement by Molex Ireland that it will be ceasing operations in Shannon by the end of 2020

Minister Humphreys said: “I am bitterly disappointed by today’s news. My immediate thoughts are with the workers and their families at what is a very difficult time for them and for the wider Shannon area. I fully appreciate how important large-scale employers like this are to regional areas, which makes this company closure all the more difficult.”

Minister Humphreys continued: “I spoke to the Global CEO of the company today and expressed my deep regret at the decision, particularly given the firm’s long history in Shannon and the role its workers there have had in its success. He unfortunately made clear that, while the decision was made very reluctantly, it is irreversible.

“He praised the huge work ethic and dedication of the workers, and explained it was a global decision made on the basis that 75% of the product they manufacture in the Shannon plant is at end of life.”

Minister Humphreys also said: “The Government will be doing everything possible, starting today, to assist those workers impacted by this closure. I have already been in touch with my colleague, Regina Doherty T.D., the Minister for Social Protection, and she has confirmed that the full range of State employment and re-training supports will be made available to firm’s employees.

“Finding new investment and employment opportunities for the Shannon area will be a top priority of mine and for the Government in the time ahead. While today is without doubt a significant setback, we have made real progress in creating new jobs in the Mid-West in recent years. Those efforts will intensify as we seek to attract new foreign direct investment or indigenous firms to the area.”

Minister of State Breen also commented on today’s news: “As the Minister of State with responsibility for employment, and as an elected representative of Clare, I deeply regret that Molex Ireland has made this decision to close its facility in the County. I know many of the employees personally and I know how hard they have worked for the firm over many decades. Today’s news is therefore very hard to accept and it is unquestionably a significant blow for Shannon and the wider area.”

Minister Breen added: “While the company has indicated it will not reconsider this decision, the Government will do its utmost to find new employment opportunities for the area. The workers impacted have valuable skills and experience that will make them attractive to other employers. I’ll be working, together with all arms of State, to help get new jobs created on the ground in Clare as soon as we can.”