Clare Lobby Groups Call For Clarity On Brexit Supports

Budget included a focus on Brexit, and the announcement of a 1.2 million euro package which is to be put in place in the event that the UK crashes out of the European Union.

Funding is to be targeted at industries most in need, including tourism and agriculture, but the government says that won’t happen if a deal is worked out or if Brexit doesn’t occur.

Lobby groups are already demanding clarity, and action, as Clare FM’s Gavin Grace reports.


The government’s plan is to immediately roll out 220 million euro worth of supports in the event of a No Deal scenario.

That’s part of an overall 1.2 billion euro package, to support agriculture, enterprise and tourism.

Those areas are being targeted because it is here where the government feels the shocks will be felt most strongly.

That includes in suckler farming, with beef farmers in line to get 85 million euro of this funding.

The exact details of how this would happen, and when, remain unclear, however, even as a No Deal Brexit becomes a more likely option.

Clare IFA Chairman Willie Hanrahan says farmers need clarity.

The ongoing Brexit impasse means it’s a time of uncertaintly for businesses. And that could be costly.

Haulier Eugene Drennan has outlined how his sector’s costs could increase, and how the public would ultimately have to foot the bill.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar are expected to meet this week, even as the Brexit talks look close to collapse.

According to reports, sources in government circles on both sides of the Irish Sea are all but resigned to the fact that there will be no deal on time for next week’s crunch EU Leaders Summit.

Leo Varadkar was pressed on this in the Dáil this morning, and told the house that Dublin is very concerned about some of London’s demands.