Clare Hits Lowest Live Register Number In 12 Years

The number of people claiming some form of unemployment benefit in Clare has dropped to its lowest level in 12 years.

The latest figures from the CSO show that more than 300 people have come off the register in Clare in the past month alone.


The tourist season is about to kick into action in Clare, marking the busiest period of the working calendar here.

And ahead of that, there’s been a significant drop of over 300 in the number of people on the live register in this county.

According to the CSO, there’s now 4,334 people in this county claiming some form of unemployment benefit; down from 4,657 at the end of April.

That also marks an annual drop of almost 760.

This is the lowest number of people on the live register in the Banner County since the pre-recession figure of 4,130 in June of 2007.

In terms of a breakdown, it’s Ennis that experienced the biggest drop over the month of May, with 129 coming off of the register, with just over 2,300 now claiming unemployment benefits there.

North Clare experienced a significant drop of 108, while West and East Clare were on even pegging with 44 and 42 people respectively coming off the registers there.