Dooley Fears True Waiting List Numbers At MidWest Hospitals Higher Than It Seems

Photo © University Hospitals Group

Clare’s Fianna Fáil TD fears the number of people on long-term waiting lists at the region’s main hospital is far greater than it appears.

New figures from the National Treatment Fund show that in the space of a year, there has been a 62% jump in the number of people waiting at least 18 months for inpatient or outpatient appointments at University Hospital Limerick.

Additionally, it found that waiting list numbers at Ennis General have risen in the same period.


Timmy Dooley has been telling me he puts the blame on a lack of investment in front line services:

Meanwhile, Trolley numbers at the region’s main hospital has slightly eased, though University Hospital Limerick remains the most overcrowded in the country.

The INMO says 42 people were waiting for beds there this morning, 30 of those in the emergency department.

It’s ten more than the next busiest facility.