Deepening Divisions In Fine Gael Over Enda Kenny’s Future

Divisions appear to be deepening in Fine Gael over the future of Enda Kenny as leader. 

The Taoiseach continues to remain silent on the issue.

However the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party will meet this week to discuss the leadership and a series of leaks from within the party which fuelled a media frenzy across the weekend.


Some of the Taoiseach’s supporters say he should remain on for the Brexit talks – which could take 2 years.

However Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney, two of the senior cabinet ministers tipped to contest the leadership, both agree he should stay until after his St Patrick’s day trip to the White House.

The debate moved to social media as questions about the leadership raged across the weekend.

Health Minister Simon Harris Tweeted he has ‘no intention of engaging in idle speculation’ – in response to leaked Fine Gael Whatsapp messages suggesting he too, might be in the running.

The Fine Gael Parliamentary Party is due to meet on Wednesday to discuss the issue.