Springfield Resident Hits Out At “Serial Objections” Against Flood Defences

A resident of the flood-hit Springfield area of Clonlara is hitting out at “serial objectors” who she says are “holding communities to ransom”.

One home has already been flooded, and another nine are at risk of being submerged.

The area remains cut off, because of flood waters.


Flooding issues in Clonlara are worsening with the wet weather showing no signs of letting up.

Overnight, the first home began to let in water, and more residents are afraid that the same will happen in their homes.

The ESB has confirmed today, that as of 12 noon, it is now increased the amount of water it’s releasing through Parteen Weir to 400 tonnes of water each second.

Works to put long-term defences in place have been held up after the Council’s planned project was met with an objection by a Dublin-based environmentalist.

Springfield resident Gerardine Quinlivan is among those expressing frustration.

The IFA is now warning that along with the issues facing homeowners along the River Shannon, thousands of acres of farmland are in danger of flooding too.

This, the organisation says, is putting farmers’ livelihoods at risk.

Clare Chair of the organisation, Parteen’ Tom Lane, says it’s vital now to be looking at longer term fixes.