New Report Reveals Insight Into Traveller Health In Clare

A new report into Traveller health in Clare has revealed a unique insight into the community.

The study, carried out by the Midwest Traveller Health Unit and Pavee Point, saw members of the Travelling community assess the needs of their peers.


For the first time ever, the health of the Travelling community in Clare has been assessed.

The unique study saw Travellers interview other members of their community, which they say has given the most accurate picture of their health yet.

With issues like access to housing and education continuing to prove problematic, the report reveals the impact these things are having on health.

Over 92% of Travellers in Clare say that long waiting lists is the biggest barrier to healthcare for them, while 97.4% say cost puts them off.

Mental health is one area of serious concern, with just 4.8% of Travellers availing of supports, while a massive 96.4% reported feeling down in the past 30 days.

92% of respondents say substance misuse is a problem in their community, while 57.4% currently smoke and 70% drink alcohol.

The average life expectancy is also much lower than among the settled community – just 11 of the approximately 1,000 Travellers in Clare are over 65, while no Travellers were found to be over 85.

The report has outlined recommendations to improve the health of Travellers in Clare, including the establishment of a county-wide Traveller Primary Health Care Project.