Growing Frustration In Crusheen Following Rail Stop Setback

© Pat Flynn

A local activist in Crusheen is warning the community may take direct action, if a rail stop there isn’t given the green light.

Local campaigners have been fighting for over a decade for a stop to be included on the Ennis-Athenry line, and say it could be added to the existing line for relatively low cost.

But Irish Rail has ruled out the rail stop for the foreseeable future, as Clare FM’s Gavin Grace reports.


While the Ennis-Athenry line was being re-developed, there were always plans for a rail stop at Crusheen, but that was dropped during the economic crash.

Now, despite an improvement in the country’s finances, and growth in the village, it’s still not on track to be delivered anytime soon.

In response to a parliamentary question from Clare’s Independent TD, Dr Michael Harty, CEO of Irish Rail, Sixmilebridge native Jim Meade says the money simply isn’t there but the case will be kept under review.

Deputy Harty is disappointed with the response but says pressure must be kept on.

Local community members say they are crying out for the service, feeling it’s vital for the development of the village.

Last year, over 350,000 people used rail services on the Limerick to Galway line and this, along with a population growth in the village, is being used as an argument for the rail stop to be developed at an estimated cost of €1.5 million.

Local community activist Michael O’Doherty says they’re frustrated that services including the rail stop aren’t being delivered more quickly, and insists they won’t back down until they succeed in their fight.