Drugs Crimes In Clare Jump 9% Across 2019

There’s been a 9% increase in drugs-related offences in Clare across the past year.

Figures revealed at the first meeting of Clare’s Joint Policing Committee of 2020 have shown that last year saw a total of 326 reports of drug crimes last year; up from 299 in 2018.


Clare’s Chief Superintendent Seán Colleran has revealed, for the first time, the overall crime statistics for the Clare Garda Division for 2019.

Overall, crime across the board is continuing to experience a welcome drop.

The serious offences of thefts and burglaries, road traffic incidents and public order and assault offences are on a downward trend.

Reports of sexual and drugs offences in particular, though, are seeing a rise.

Last year saw 89 cases of possession of drugs with the intent for sale or supply in Clare, up from 68 the previous year, marking a 31% rise.

Simple possession cases, meanwhile, rose by 3% – from 231 to 237 – with this meaning there was an overall 9% jump in drugs crime in Clare.

Thefts from shops dropped from 362 to 323; burglaries decreased from 268 to 211 and thefts from vehicles went from 239 to 172 over the past 12 months.

In terms of the roads, speeding cases saw a very welcome 20% drop in 2019; from 5,680 to 4,533.

Sexual offences, however, are on the rise – with 12 reports of rape last year, up from nine in 2018, and 31 sexual assault reports, up from 27.

Chief Superintendent Seán Colleran says, however, that this is as a result of increased faith in the Gardaí as opposed to a spike in this type of crime.