Councillors Agree to Retain Increased Property Tax Charge

Clare’s homeowners will again pay higher property tax bills next year.

It’s after local representatives voted in favour of retaining the elevated levels of property taxes in this county at a meeting this afternoon.


While last year’s decision to increase property taxes by 15% was a contentious one, this afternoon’s was much more straightforward.

Faced with financial difficulties arising out of COVID 19, the Council had sought the retention of the measure, which is worth an extra €1.5m to its coffers.

Council CEO Pat Dowling told the meeting that it is facing into an uncertain future regarding its finances, and while Sinn Féin’s Donna McGettigan stated that she is against retaining the status quo, the measure was passed without a vote.

A government review of property taxes planned for next year has been postponed, meaning this decision will result in no change in the amount of tax paid by homeowners, but those bills will be 15% higher than had been the case prior to 2020.