New Data Confirms How Clare Residents Are Following Covid-19 Restrictions

Google has published new data which suggests that the people of Clare have largely been adhering to public safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The web giant has published a Mobility Report, with county-by-county data, demonstrating that there has been a near 80% fall-off in the number of people going to shops and recreational areas.


Since mid-February, when the coronavirus situation in Ireland began to take hold, the level of movement across Co. Clare has dropped significantly.

Google’s Mobility Report confirms this, showing that visits retail locations are down by 77%, with a 64% fall in the numbers visiting parks.

There’s also been a fall of a quarter in the number of visits to shops selling groceries, and to chemists.

The numbers going to work has more than halved, when compared with the period before the outbreak, and there’s been a steady increase in the number of people staying home – that’s up by a third.

The stats are collated using anonymous data from mobile phones, and cover the period up to last Sunday, April 5th.