Health Officials Meet To Discuss Possible New COVID Measures

Coronavirus particles

Health officials are meeting to consider possible further travel restrictions and measures in nursing homes to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

2,910 people now have Covid 19 here, including 34 in Clare.

It comes as a prominent Ennis doctor has urged people to continue to reach out to GP care, as Clare FM’s Michael Glynn reports.


New figures show we’re flattening the curve in tackling the coronavirus with the infection daily growth rate halving from 33 to 15 per cent.

2,910 people are now confirmed to have Covid 19 and 54 people have died.

The number of cases in Clare remains unchanged at 34, after no new patients were recorded in this county yesterday.

84 people have been admitted to the ICU – the majority of those patients are over the age of 45 but 13 per cent are aged between 25 and 44.

There’s now 23 clusters in nursing homes.

Professor Phillip Nolan from the Modelling Advisory Group says although the restriction measures have shown clear improvements in our figures, we can’t be complacent.
Meanwhile, the Irish College of General Practioners is urging those with non-COVID related illnesses to reach out for help during this pandemic.

The college says there is anecdotal evidence that some people, even those with chronic illnesses, have been suffering in silence for fear that normal GP services are unavailable at this time.

But Medical Director of the college, Ennis GP Dr Tony Cox, says they’re always on hand.

The national public health emergency team has been meeting once again today to discuss if further restrictions are needed.

We should find out the outcome of that in the coming hours.