Schools, Colleges, Childcare Facilities To Close As Part Of Coronavirus Response

Schools, Colleges and Childcare Facilities are to close as part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in Washington this morning, the Taoiseach announced the closure of a number of public facilities until March 29th.

Clare’s Fianna Fáil TD has questioned whether believe the move goes far enough, as Clare Fm’s Fiona Cahill reports.


The Taoiseach is appealing to businesses and the public to take a sensible approach to the Coronavirus Pandemic, saying there’s a duty on all of us to protect ourselves and others.

The National Public Health Emergency Team met last night, and acting on it’s advice, the government has announced what’s effectively a lockdown in this country.

From 6 o’clock this evening, all schools, third level institutions, creches and public facilities will close.

All indoor mass gatherings of more than 100 people and and outdoor gatherings of more than 500 people will be cancelled.

The guidelines are in place until March 29th.

The Taoiseach says many more people will contract the virus, and some people may die, but he’s stressed that the vast majority of us will only experience minor symptoms.

Leo Varadkar also said many lives can be saved, if everyone acts together to limit the spread of Covid 19.

Speaking in Washington, he said the economy will suffer, but that immediate action needs to be taken.
Public transport will NOT be affected and shops will remain open, as will cafés, restaurants and pubs.

Businesses are being urged to take a sensible and level-headed approach and to work remotely, where possible.

General Secretary of the ASTI, Kieran Christie, says the announcement has come sooner than expected.

Arrangements will be made to ensure that those travelling into our airports will self-isolate, if showing symptoms within fourteen days.

Ireland has officially moved to the delay phase in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Minister for Health, Simon Harris says it follows the latest advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team.

Clare’s Fianna Fáil TD has welcomed the announcement, but has also questioned whether the measures go far enough.

Cathal Crowe says additional measures will have to be taken in time.

Earlier, Finance Minister warned that the economy could go into difficulty this year on account of the pandemic.

Paschal Donohoe has told Clare FM’s Morning Focus that public finances will be compromised, but he says last October’s Budget surplus will now be used to deal with whatever challenges arise as a result of what’s currently happening.

Clare Fianna Fáil Councillor, and former President of the INTO Joe Killeenhas been speaking with James Mulhall on Clare FM’s Main Lunchtime News about whether this was the right decision.