Clare Voters Urged To Consider Both Sides Ahead Of Referendum

Voters throughout County Clare have been urged to consider how they will vote in next week’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment by campaigners from both sides.

Local and national representatives outlined their cases this morning, in a comprehensive debate on the issue of abortion, broadcast on Clare FM’s Morning Focus.


On May 25th, tens of thousands of people across Clare will have their say on the future of Ireland’s abortion laws.

If the Eighth Amendment is repealed, the Oireachtas would have the power to enact new laws, with current guidelines saying that abortion without restriction would be availble up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, through a GP led service.

Éilis Murphy of the Clare Together For Yes Campaign insists that the status quo cannot continue.

While the Yes side is advocating the removal of the Eighth, those advocating a No vote are concerned that such a move would lead to abortion on demand, even after the 12 week mark.

Michael Leahy, who’s the co-ordinator of the Clare Pro-Life/Love Both Campaign, is concerned about what would happen here if abortion laws were to be liberalised.

The debate on today’s edition of Morning Focus also saw national campaigners set out their stalls.

Senior Lecturer in Medical Law at Queen Mary University of London Ruth Fletcher is part of the group Lawyers for Choice.

However, Geraldine Martin of the Love Both campaign says many are concerned that the proposed laws on abortion are extreme.

She also expressed fears that even more liberal laws may be introduced in the years ahead, if the constitutional protection for the unborn is removed.

Voting takes place in nine days time.