Clare Murder Trial Hears Condition Of Stabbing Victim Deteriorated Unexpectedly

A Clare murder trial has heard the condition of a man who had been stabbed, deteriorated unexpectedly, after being admitted to hospital.

23 year old Robbie Walsh of Island View in Kilrush denies murdering Karl Haugh in Kilkee in the Summer of 2017.



It’s the Prosecution’s case Robbie Walsh stabbed Karl Haugh once in the back at the Marian estate in Kilkee on the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2017.

The court heard the 25 year old had been taking to University Hospital Limerick with a stab injury at around 1am.

He had been sitting up and talking to his family – the jury was told – and was reassuring them he was going to be ok.

The family was then told he was going to be transferred to Cork and they headed that way.

Consultant surgeon David Waldron told the jury he was phone at 4am to say a patient at the hospital who had stablised initially had become unstable.

Efforts were underway to resuscitate him but stopped after an hour and Karl Haugh was pronounced dead.

The consultant said in his opinion there would have been a leak of air, then a clot that lead to a bleed – he said it was a like turning a tap on and the patient deteriorated quickly.

He agreed under cross examination that it was an unexpected chain of events.