Clare Families Priced Out Of The Market As Rents Reach Nine Year High

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Midwest Simon says the number of so-called ‘new homeless’ being forced to reach out for help in this region is continuing to rise.

It comes as new figures show rents in Clare have risen by over 9% – a nine-year high.


If you’re hoping to rent a home in Clare it’ll now cost you €731 on average, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 2008.

The figure contained in a new report from property Website Daft represents a 9.3% rise on 2016 figures and is broadly in line with national figures outside the major cities.

Author of the report, economist Ronan Lyons says proximity to cities can lead to more demand.

He’s warning that some families in Clare could soon be priced out of the rental market.

But Midwest Simon says that’s already happening.

The Organisation’s Housing Team Leader says more and more of the so-called ‘new homeless’ – those who under normal circumstances would be able to cover the cost of accommodation, are finding themselves without a roof over their head.

Today, there are no apartments in Clare within reach of those receiving assistance through the HAP scheme, while there’s only one 3-bed house and Tracey Reddy says moves by landlords to evict tenants are part of the problem.

But Landlords say they’re operating in a hostile climate.

The annual increase in rent prices is well above the 4 per cent hike allowed in so-called pressure zones, but Fintan Mc Namara, the Director of the Residential Landlords Association, says it’s a simple case of supply and demand.