More Than A Quarter Of Clare’s Regional Roads Have ‘Moderate’ Defects

More than a quarter of Clare’s regional roads are described as having ‘moderate to significant defects’ in a new report.

The National Oversight and Audit Commission suggests around 5% of these flaws are ‘significant structural defects’ which is the lowest possible rating a road can receive.

Clare County Council says the data in the report should be considered within its overall context, noting that 70% of Clare’s regional road networks are considered to be in good condition.


NOAC Chair Michael McCarthy says the local authority may not be in a financial position to repair road surfaces here next year.

Statement from Clare County Council

‘The data highlighted should be considered within the overall context of the information provided in the report in relation to regional roads in County Clare.

The Pavement Surface Condition Index (PSCI) rating system rates roads on a scale of 1-10.

The category highlighted (rating 5-6) is considered the average category and generally requires moderate levels of intervention.

The report also shows that approximately 70% of the regional road network in County Clare is in the 7-10 category (good/very good condition) and that only 5% of the regional road network is in the 1-4 category (poor condition).’