Clare Bus Management “Working In A Void” Amid Uncertainty About Service

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Clare Bus management say they’re “working in a void” as they await further information on a decision to remove some of its functions.

The Transport Co-ordination Unit, which manages its fleet of buses, looks set to be lost to Limerick, following a tender process led by the National Transport Authority.

It’s leading to serious concern among staff and local Councillors.


A decision by the National Transport Authority to switch the co-ordination of Clare Bus services to Limerick Local Link, in Newcastle West in Limerick, has been met with anger locally.

While the bus fleet will continue to run after this move, the fear among staff, users and management is that the service would be damaged and potentially see its future threatened.

The NTA is due to meet with the county’s Oireachtas members on Thursday to discuss the matter, after Transport Minister Shane Ross admitted in the Dáil that it is out of his remit.

Chairman of Clare Bus Ger Hoey says the whole company is at risk now.

There are fears for the future of some Clare Bus staff, as a result of this move.

The Feakle-based voluntary group had appealed the decision, but this has been dropped after they were told the only recourse open to them was to potentially costly route of going to the High Court.

Manager Laura Ward says they feel left in the dark.

Last evening’s Counil meeting was suspended to allow for a discussion on the issue, one which saw unanimous support for the company from all of those who spoke.

East Clare representatives, Fianna Fáil’s Pat Hayes and Fine Gael’s Joe Cooney, say they’re worried.