CDSL Stands By Suspension Of Player Who Criticised Its Support For John Delaney

Over 300 people have signed an online petition calling on the Clare and District Soccer League to reverse its decision to suspend a player who criticised the league for its support of former FAI Chief Executive John Delaney.
In March, the League acknowledged Delaney’s contribution to the game in Clare, at a time when he had already been embroiled in a controversy that ultimately led him to leave the FAI.
It’s stark financial problems were laid bare with the publication of accounts yesterday.
For Clare FM, Gavin Grace reports

In a report today, The Irish Independent stated that the Clare-based player was handed the ban after criticising the League for supporting John Delaney in a Facebook post in March.
At that time, it had already been reported that Delaney had issued a €100,000 loan to the FAI.
This was the first in a series of media reports which gave rise to a governance review of the FAI, John Delaney’s ultimate departure from the Associaion, and the publication of revised financial accounts yesterday which revealed debts of 55 million euro.
Back in March, the Clare and District Soccer League, acknowledged the contribution Delaney had made to the sport and to clubs in Clare, saying he had been very helpful in allowing clubs develop their facilities – the statement no longer appears on the CDSL Facebook page.
The player in question criticised that statement in recent weeks, after further media reports on the matter, and after that was suspended until June.
The CDSL say he was banned for other remarks, which they feel went beyond fair criticism, and and the player has been suspended for bringing the game into disrepute.
The ban can be appealed to the Munster Football Association.

An online petition calling for the suspension to be overturned has been signed by over 320 people.

Tonight, the player in quesion has called the decision by the CDSL to ban him “an absolute disgrace” and says he stands by his criticism of both the FAI and the CDSL.


He’s questioned how he could be banned given that some of the comments were made when he was not with any football club, and asked why he was banned when he hasn’t played for any club in Clare this season.