Calls For Zero Tolerence Strategy From UL Following Castletroy Street Party

Fifty people have now been handed fines in relation to last night’s large-scale street party in a housing estate near the University of Limerick.

Three men were arrested, and one of those is to appear in court later this month.

The Justice Minister has expressed disappointment over what happened.


The voices of dozens of students who were dancing and singing on the street in Castletroy last night.

A ‘significant’ number of Garda units were dispatched to the College Court Estate last night at around 7.15 where Gardai say they observed ‘continued and orchestrated’ non compliance with public health guidelines.

Fifty fixed payment notices were issued to people for breaches of the Health Act, while, two men in their 20s were arrested on public order offences, with another arrested for a drugs offence.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee says the scenes witnessed last night cannot be repeated.

Representatives from the University Of Limerick are meeting today to consider what actions may be taken.

In a statment, UL has said it will take ‘strong disciplinary measures’ against any student found to have breached public health guidelines.

A local Labour Councillor has described last night’s incident as a grevious insult to other students following the rules, to the communities of Castletroy and Limerick City and to frontline workers.

Councillor Conor Sheehan believes the reputation of thousands of students has been tarnished by the ongoing actions of less than 300 in the area.

He’s told Clare FM’s Morning Focus that he hopes the University will set an example by taking a zero tolerance stance on the issue.

The government is urging anyone who was at the gathering in Limerick last night to come forward for testing if they have any concerns.

Liz Canavan from the Department of the Taoiseach says it’s the best thing anyone involved last night can do now.