Bingo Halls May Stay Closed Until Christmas

Bingo Halls in Clare could remain empty until Christmas at least, despite the easing of restrictions.

Under phase three, the social event is allowed to re-commence from Monday, but organisers believe that doing so would be ‘unlucky for some’, due to social distancing rules.

They say Bingo might not be back until Christmas.


From Monday we’re moving into Phase Three of the easing of restrictions, and under the Government’s plan, Bingo Halls are allowed to re-open.

But social distancing means organisers can’t have a ‘Full House’ and are concerned that guidelines will mean that it could be months before games can resume in some places.

In Doonbeg, Up to 200 people can fit in the community hall, but with the two-metre social distancing rule in place, that number is significantly reduced.

Chairperson of the local Development Association John Flanagan doesn’t see any way they can get the popular event back up and running.

The organisers of the Clarecastle Bingo is calling for guidance from the HSE on how these events can be run in the future.

Bernard ‘Bomber’ Hanrahan says as it stands the life is being squeezed out of Bingo.