Bank Holiday Scenes In Kilkee Described As Unprecedented

Scenes that unfolded in Kilkee over the Bank Holiday weekend have been described as ‘unprecedented’.

Nine people were arrested after large crowds of young people descended on the beach on Saturday night for a party, with no social distancing being observed.


Gardaí have described the scenes that unfolded in Kilkee on Saturday night as unprecedented.

Large crowds of young people, who it’s believed were aged between 15 and 20 years of age, descended on the town’s iconic bandstand, with many of them cramped together with no social distancing being observed.

During the course of the night, damage was caused to a newly refurbished shelter in the East End carpark, and a massive clean-up operation took place on Sunday to remove broken glass, empty cans, plastic bags and other waste.

Local woman Anna was driving through the area at the time and says she was frightened by what she saw.

Nine people were arrested on Saturday evening for public order offences.

Two male youths were released and will be dealt with by way of the Youth Diversion Programme, while two men and one woman have been dealt with by way of adult caution.

One man was released without charge and three men have since been charged and are due to appear before Kilrush District Court on 15 September.

Superintendent John Galvin says they’ve never seen anything like it in the area.

Local Fianna Fáil Councillor Cillian Murphy says questions now need to be asked of the parents of those involved, saying lines were crossed on Saturday night.

The bandstand was cordoned off on Sunday to prevent against a repeat incident and Councillor Murphy says the people of Kilkee are losing out, as a result of this type of irresponsible behaviour.