Shannon Airport Marks 80th Anniversary Of First Flight

Shannon Airport is today marking 80 years since the landing of its first passenger aircraft.

The journey which has seen Shannon become the driving force of the Clare economy began at a newly-opened airfield there.

On July 11th, 1939, a Belgian airliner tri-motor Sabena Davoia Marchetti S-73 touched down at what was called Rineanna airfield, then newly-opened.


Its passengers were flown onwards to New York, on a flying boat from Foynes, while 500 people gathered at the now Shannon Airport to see the Belgian aircraft take off for its return trip.

The Airport has since become famous for its pioneering spirit, as well as being the economic engine of the MidWest region.

Today, its home to the country’s longest runway, while the broader Shannon Group generates €3.6 billion for the Irish economy and supports over 46,000 jobs.

Clare FM’s Morning Focus will broadcast live from Shannon from 9 o’clock this morning to mark today’s anniversary.