Annual Drop Of Almost 900 In Clare Dole Queues

There’s been an annual drop of almost 900 in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Clare.

Latest live register statistics from the CSO show that, while the overall figures are on a downward trajectory, there was a marginal increase in figures in January.



According to the CSO, as of the end of January there were 5,045 people on the live register in this county.

That’s a 15% drop from the January 2018 figure of 5,935 – but a slight rise on the 5,009 on the register at the end of December.

In the past month, dole queues grew in both Ennis and North Clare; 51 more people signed on in the county town in January, while an additional 18 people were claiming unemployment benefits in North Clare.

However, there were marginal drops in numbers elsewhere.

In the East of the county, 16 less people are now signing on, while in the West there was a drop of 17.