All Sides In Ongoing Beef Talks Urged Not To Rush Negotiations

The Chair of the Beef Plan Group in Clare is urging all sides in the ongoing beef talks not to rush negotiations.

Some progress has been made surrounding the issue of transparency and price index, following twelve hours of discussions which ended in the early hours of this morning.


The Agriculture Minister is urging “continued constructive dialogue” between those involved in the ongoing beef sector dispute.

Michael Creed’s comments come after progress was made in yesterday’s discussions, which ended at around two o’clock this morning, following twelve hours of talks.

It’s understood developments were made on market transparency and the introduction of a price index, though the issue of price itself wasn’t on the table.

Irish Farmers Journal Correspondent Pat O’Toole has told Clare FM’s Morning Focus that farmers couldn’t be divided on the issues.

Representatives from Meat Industry Ireland will now go back to the factories to see what can be achieved, and further talks with farmers representative groups are expected as early as Thursday or Monday next.

The President of the Irish Farmer’s Association, Joe Healy is reiterating that one of the most important issues on the table, is that farmers get a fair price.

Ahead of the talks, farmers protested outside of meat factories for nearly two weeks, including at the Kepak facility in Drumquin in Clare, and the local Chair of the Beef Plan Group says those demonstrations appear to have worked.

Demonstrations have been suspended while the talks take place and Joseph Woulfe insists it’s now time to focus on those.