Future Of Beef Plan Can’t Be Left To Gather Dust – Clare ICMSA

The Clare County Chair of the ICMSA insists a Government report into the future of the beef sector will have a positive impact, but only if the recommendations are implemented quickly.

Published by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, the report has outlined 12 recommendations on Brexit, Climate Action, CAP Reform and the prospective EU Mercosur Free Trade Agreement.

Among it’s key aims is to increase Ireland’s agri-food exports to €19 billion per annum by 2025 and empower producers to secure better prices.


The report has received mixed reviews, with the Beef Plan group dismissing it as political spin.

But Clare ICMSA Chair and O’Callaghan’s Mills farmer, Martin Mc Mahon has been telling Clare FM’s Fiona Cahill that he believes the report can have benefits for farmers, as long as it’s not left on the shelf to gather dust.