Clare Farmers Deliver Strong Message To Government At IFA Protest

IFA protestors in Cork. Picture: Niamh Áine Ryan

Clare farmers have told the government under no uncertain terms that they need a €100 million support package to be rolled out as a matter of urgency.

Around 25 farmers from the Banner County have made the journey to Cork today to protest at a special cabinet meeting at City Hall along with their IFA colleagues.

They say beef farmers have lost out on €101 million in the past year since prices in the marts began to take a serious hit, with Brexit being blamed for the decline.


Now, they’re calling for a retrospective aid package to be rolled out as a matter of urgency, which they say both the government and the EU has promised.

Speaking on his way in, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar acknowledged the struggle but said they’re already supporting beef farmers:

Clare IFA Chair Willie Hanrahan has been telling Clare FM’s James Mulhall that farmers can’t take it any longer: