12 C-Diff Cases in Ennis General in 12 Months

There have been 12 reported cases of the C-Diff superbug at Ennis General in past twelve months.

The HSE figures comes just over a year after it emerged the highly contagious infection was linked to 21 deaths at Clare’s County Hospital in 2007.


It’s also exactly 12 months since reporting an outbreak of Clostridium Difficile became a notifiable disease.

The Health Service Executive says significant progress has been made in the control of the infection over the past two years.

In a statement to Clare Fm a spokesperson for the HSE Mid West confirmed that a dozen cases of the C-Diff hospital superbug have been recorded at Ennis General since the beginning of may last year

Just a month earlier it emerged that there had been a serious outbreak of the highly infectious disease at Clare County Hospital during the six months of 2007 and the cases of 21 patients were highlighted.

15 died within 30 days of being diagnosed with C Diff, however it wasn’t the primary cause of death…and a further 6 patients with the superbug died by December 2007.

The revelations lead to the formation of a local action group by family members of those affected to campaign for better infection control standards at Ennis General…

The Health Minister also announced that C Diff was to be a notifiable disease from the 4th of May 2008…

Reacting to the 12 cases recorded over the past year the HSE Mid West says there have been significant improvements in the control of the infection since 2007 through education in hygiene and the control of cross infection through a variety of measures.

A spokesperson says the health authority is happy that significant progress has been made and is looking forward to a continuation of this, especially as the new developments at Clare’s County Hospital come on stream.