11 Banned Drivers In Clare Will Have To Act Fast To Stay On The Road

A prominent Clare solicitor is warning that 11 banned motorists will be off the roads if they don’t act quickly.

In a new hardline stance against motorists who ignore their summons and fail to show up in court, Judge Patrick Durcan has banned the motorists from driving for 28 days, and has also imposed a €400 fine on each of them.

The drivers, one of whom was caught travelling at 109 kilometres per hour in a 100 zone, will receive confirmation of their driving bans from the district court office in the coming days, and will have 14 days to appeal the ruling.


During the same court, Judge Durcan struck out seven out of 17 ‘Go Safe’ speeding cases due to the Go Safe employee not being present in court.

Darragh Hassett of Hassett Considine Solicitors, has been telling Clare FM’s Fiona Cahill that the roads are well policed in Clare, and he’s warning the 11 banned drivers will have to act fast if they want to continue driving: