Trudy Leydon

    In the build-up to election 2020, Clare FM is meeting each of the candidates and allowing them a chance to outline to you, the voter, what they will do if elected on February 8th.

    Ennis woman, Trudy Leyden, is running as an Independent

    My vision for Clare:


    Well populated intercultural, thriving villages and towns.

    My priorities if elected:

    • Parental alienation legislation
    • Smooth transition to a multi-cultural society
    • Volunteerism
    • Mental Health

    My experience:

    B.A in Politics, M.A in Politics, Leader with Girl Guides, PPN Secretariat, 37 years Customer Relations

    Volunteerism – A great tool for mental health. Arts for mental health, for a multi-layered and textured society. Support Local Artists.

    The Arts – I want to be instrumental in creating a hugely fecund environment in Co. Clare in order for all our precious artists to flourish. Currently the strongest are creating and supporting each other, but there really needs to exist more state assistance to help those starting out or thinking of following their dreams.

    Tourism – We need to create ways of giving tourists incentives to stay longer and to come back. Customer Service training is missing.