Calls For Urgent Measures To Tackle Vandalism And Theft At Clare Burial Grounds

Calls are being made for urgent steps to be taken to prevent against vandalism or anti-social behaviours at burial grounds.

It follows a spate of incidents at Drumcliffe Cemetery, and many others across the county.

Today, the family of the late Laura Brennan revealed that her grave is among those which have been targeted.


Clare County Council is urging the public to report any complaint of vandalism or anti-social behaviour to Gardaí.

The Council’s Burial Grounds Unit has received 7 complaints of interference to flowers or ornaments on graves in Drumcliffe Cemetery in Ennis over the past 6 months.

The activity has led to calls from the Mayor of Clare for CCTV to be installed, but the local authority has ruled this out as it’s not prohibited under Data Protection legislation.

Ennis Fine Gael Councillor Mary Howard thinks the items are being stolen to be sold on.

She says the problem is not unique to Drumcliffe.

The grave of the late Laura Brennan is among those targetted.

The young Ennis woman gained a national profile after her campaigning in favour of the HPV vaccine.

Now, fifteen months after her death, her family say her graveside has been targeted on a number of occasions.

Laura’s father Larry is urging people to take measures to ensure that ornaments can’t be sold on.

Clare County Council has stressed that the situation is being taken seriously and will be monitored on an ongoing basis by both the caretaker and burial grounds staff.

There are now suggestions of a campaign to draw awareness to the issue.