Morning Focus – Tuesday 08/10/19

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one-in-nine women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and there are more than 3,000 new cases diagnosed annually.

Valerie Murphy, of Valerie’s Breast Care, is a Business Woman and Breast Cancer Campaigner, and she joined Gavin on air today to provide listeners with some words of advice on early detection of breast cancer. Valerie is lobbying the government over various changes to gain support for women who’ve beaten the illness and who live with the consequences of it. For more information please visit the following websites:


In case you missed the interview you can listen back below:

As you may know, bollards have been placed along a new cycle lane on the Clonroadmore in Ennis in recent months, locally this has caused major controversy. Morning Focus has visited the location and heard the views of some residents who believe the bollards – as well as mini-ramps which are being referred to as ‘armadillos’ – are creating a hazard for motorists and have caused inconvenience for residents in terms of access to their properties.

At a meeting of members of the Ennis Municipal District, a joint cross-party motion to remove the structures has been tabled by Cllrs Pat Daly, Mary Howard, Clare Colleran-Molloy and Mark Nestor. They’re seeking a reduction of the speed limit to 30kmph in the interests of safety on this busy route which connects St Flannan’s roundabout to the Kilrush Road.

John Maloney, Garda Sergeant and local resident joined Gavin on the show as he is convinced that the bollards are essential to the safety of cyclists in the area. Mr Maloney has contacted councillors to appeal to them to keep the bollards, saying that motorists simply won’t slow down and drive with care around cyclists otherwise.

Next, Mary O’Donoghue Tax Manager of Deloitte Limerick was on Morning Focus to discuss what tax-payers can expect from the 2020 Budget.

Next, Bulelani Mfaco, Spokesperson for Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland joined Gavin on air following from the organisations first national conference in Dublin at the weekend. MASI has called for the abolition of direct provision and for anyone seeking asylum in Ireland to have access to general housing supports.

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Next, John Lowe, Independent Financial Advisor, joined Gavin for The Money Doctor segment as we looked ahead to Budget 2020.

Next, Jennifer Forde, documentary producer, spoke to Morning Focus producer Fiona McGarry, ahead of the ‘West Cork’ podcast taking the stage in Limerick. Jennifer and her husband Sam Bungey, journalist, are bringing the podcast ‘West Cork’ to Limerick’s Lime Tree Theatre on Sunday next (Oct 13th, 8 pm). ‘West Cork’, is part of a 14-part podcast about the unsolved murder of French woman Sophie Toscan du Plantier, it is one of the most notorious and perplexing unsolved crimes in Irish history. The podcast has received enormous international interest since it was released at the start of last year.

You can listen back to the interview below:

To finish up today’s show, Frankie Coote, Clare County Dog Warden joined us in studio for this week’s Animal Welfare Update.