Morning Focus – Friday 07/02/20

Today on Morning Focus, we were joined in studio by, Taoiseach, Leo Varadakar as he visited Clare in the final hours of the election campaign, in a last-ditch plea to voters in this county.

This weekend, Fine Gael will be trying their best to keep their two seats in this constituency.

Pat Breen and Joe Carey have been the parliamentary colleagues since 2007 – and are joined on the ticket this year by Senator Martin Conway – but a shift away from the Government party by voters could see their Clare representation reduced to one. The Taoiseach was here in Clare, on the final day of canvassing before this afternoon’s broadcast moratorium to appeal to Banner’s voters to support his party this Saturday.


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Before that to open the show, Micheál Martin, Fianna Fáil leader joined us on the line as Clare goes to the polls tomorrows and will elect at least one new TD. The decision by Michael Harty not to seek re-election means there’ll be a gap for at least one new name. Fine Gael are expected to face a tough battle to retain their two seats, while Fianna Fail are being tipped to steal at least one of them and elect two TD’s. The Fianna Fáil Leader explained why they should get your vote.

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Next on the show, we heard from returning officer, Pat Wallace as he spoke to Clare FM’s Ben Sweeney about how do you fill out that ballot paper, how does your vote get shared and how are Clare’s four TD’s chosen ahead of voting day.

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Next Head of News and Morning Focus Presenter, Gavin Grace joined us in studio to look back at the main points of the election campaign and discuss how the constituency may influence the next Dáil.

Then, we were joined in studio by William Chair of Cahir Solicitors and Martin Waldron of Crafts Works, Ennis for this week’s Friday panel where we discussed, the 2020 General Election, the Coronavirus and Trump surviving his impeachment – a few months out from Presidental Election.

To wrap up today’s Morning Focus, now that its less than 24 hours until voting will begin in General Election 2020, we heard one last reminder from Clare Candidates of why they think they’re worthy of your number One votes as Clare FM’s Robyn Flanagan reported.

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