Morning Focus 09/08/19

Friday’s Morning Focus hosted John Considine, Manuel di Lucia and Bernadette Kenny for its regular end-of-week panel discussion.

Among the topics that came up was the beef crisis; smoking and litter; and gun control in the US.

Listen back below:


The show opened with an in-depth report on the protests by beef farmers, even after Beef Plan in Clare has formally withdrawn from them. Gavin heard from those on the picket line at Kepak outside Ennis. Listen back below:

Then, there was reaction from Junior Minister Pat Breen:

Kevin Brennan, brother of the late HPV campaigner, Laura then spoke to Gavin about an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of vaccination through a sports jersey initiative. Listen back below:

The show also checked in in Doonbeg ahead of the fundraising Truck and Tractor run next Sunday (August 9); and in Lahinch where a charity swim to Liscannor takes place on the same day.